Thursday, March 28, 2013

New Releases: AvelCain

AvelCain announced at their free one-man live "呪縛ト懺悔 (Jubaku to zange)" at Ikebukuro RUIDO K3 on March 27th that their live-limited one-coin single "月蝕 (Gesshoku)" will be released at their presents live "-月の翳り(Tsuki no kageri)-" at Meguro Rock May Kan on May 19th (500yen, limited 333 copies), which will be produced by ex-Lycaon eve.

1- 精神 (Seishin)
2- 月蝕 (Gesshoku)
3- 裁 (Sabaki)

Furthermore their new mini-album "自責の筵-じせきのむしろ- (Jiseki no mushiro)" will be released on September 4th (1,800yen, limited 300), which will include CD+booklet (4 pages) and will be sold in advance at their one-man live "自責の果て(Jiseki no hate)" at Nagoya ell.SIZE on August 30th.

1- 囁 (Sasayaki)
2- 自責 (Jiseki)
3- 手首の切り方 (Tekubi no kirikata)
4- 赫い部屋 (Akai heya)
5- 揺り籠 (Yurikago)

 Credits: Trombe

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